Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Special

Had a good weekend - Friday was a holiday on account of Siva ratri. Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan (Malleshwaram MLA) and boys had arranged for cultural programs all night at Malleshwaram grounds. I probably would not have attended the programs, but for Neela (my cousin.) She was participating in 2 of the dances. I wanted to shoot a video of the dances. So 9 of our family members went and enjoyed the programs. Kuchipudi, Kalaripayattu, Folk Dances, Stand up comedy and some more dances.

Saturday was basketball, followed by breakfast with Shailu at Egg Factory.
On Sunday we drove to Shimoga where we had a pooja at Mattur for our family moola devata Lakshmikeshava. We drove to Tunga Anicuttu after this. In the evening was the inauguration of Gamaka week at Gamaka bhavana. Chief Guest was Eshwarappa (State President, BJP.) He announced that he will do whatever it takes to increase the prize money for Kumarvyasa prashasti to 3 lakhs. The program on the first day was by my father - the piece was slaying of Bakasura. It was Ashwini's first time. She enjoyed it thoroughly.

So it was a totally cultural weekend. Hoping for a house hunting weekend next!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Done with CAT

Its over
It was boring
You have to wait (sit in one place) 2 hours before you reach the tutorial stage
Then another 15 min... Then the exam for 2 and a 1/2 hours

The system can improve. Not so much technical, as in personnel at the place. It should not be such a big deal to handle 100 people in a session in a centre (at least the Vivekananda one was small)

No server / virus problems thankfully
Well... back to work...


See yay tee CAT

I am giving CAT this year (today - in an hour) after putting it off
for ever - 3 years to be precise. I still don't know why I am giving
it. I have no desire for an MBA degree. I don't even think I can clear
the exam given that I have prepared only for 0 seconds.

Its just that I want to get over with this stuff once and for all. If
I am honest with myself I don't think I will ever do an MBA degree.
But I guess I do want to give CAT. Not for the qualification into any
college, but because CAT is a good exam. It is going a rough
transition no doubt, but I hope the standards of the question forever
remain what I have heard about it.

Higher education and I are a love story that never happened. Looks
like it won't happen.

As far as learning goes, I am still learning lots of stuff at work.
Invaluable experience, which can't be substituted with bookish
knowledge. But can fundamental knowledge through self study and
coaching by a teacher ever be substituted by ad hoc experience?

I have to figure something out. I still am young. So I have time on my
side. At least 6-7 years. Till then will get some "hands on"


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Movie Reviews

The General's Daughter -
A 1999 movie with John Travolta (of whom i am not a fan) as an army detective, tracking the murder of a powerful general's daughter. I enjoyed the movie although its not exceptional. It boils down to "women in the army" and "trade off between career and personal life."

The Crying Game -
A 1992 movie with Forest Whitaker (he is a damn good actor!) and Stephen Rea (i have only seen him in V for Vendetta apart from this one - he is the Inspector there)
Turns slightly weird, but a good movie overall. Based on IRA , the Stockholm Syndrome , and quite a few other interesting concepts. There is an interesting story in the movie, which Forest Whitaker narrates (Don't worry its not a spoiler) I quite liked the story.

Maverick -
A 1994 movie starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, a thorough masala movie. It is worthy of being made into a South Indian flick. Enjoyed it. Though, don't expect to exercise your brain too much on this one.

The Brothers Bloom -
A 2008 movie starring Adrien Brody (of the Pianist fame) which starts off quite sharply but fails to take off. The movie is not smart enough. And the characters are not convincing enough, not even the cute Rachel Weisz who plays the part of an eccentric & rich orphan does the trick.
But a watchable movie overall.

Tell No One -
A 2006 French movie - the story of a man who has lost wife (his childhood love) and after 8 years is framed for murdering her.
Suspenseful and neatly done. Liked the movie. Watch it if you have the patience.

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